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Planning Your Event
We at Generations A to Z have tried to make this as painless as possible. We have automated the process of planning your event and have narrowed it down to four steps: selecting the date, planning the event and preparing the timeline. You will also be able to save your answers to revisit at a later date, if needed.
First, selecting a date is a very  important part of your event. For weddings, quite often, couples will select a date symbolizing an important memory, the first time you kissed, the anniversary of when you met or other meanings near and dear to your heart. Please click on the following link Find My Date to see if we have your date available.
Second, take a look at our three different packages and get an instant quote. We have three levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can obtain this quote by clicking on the following link: Get a Quote.
Third, we will create your event based on your answers to the questions located on the following link: Planning Your Event.
Fourth, once you have completed planning your event, the next step for you is to create your agenda for the event's activities. By clicking on Plan My Agenda and answering a few questions, we will ensure your timeline is followed as closely as possible.